Graduate students

Boya Zhang


As the first graduate student in the lab, Boya has been involved in nearly every project at some point! Her thesis work focuses on the development and testing of a novel, targeted biotherapeutic for IgG-mediated hemolysis .


Layne Bond

Program in Chemical Biology

Layne is the first of our co-supervised students as part of the Greineder/Tessier collaboration. Her work focuses on bispecific affinity ligands for the shuttling full-length antibodies across the blood brain barrier .


Ben Swanson

DDS PhD combined program

Well on his way to being an independent clinician scientist, Ben works on the development of targeted, stimuli-responsive agents for diagnosis and treatment of bone and oral health disorders .


Cecilia Spesia

Pharmaceutical Sciences

A recent addition to the lab, Cecelia will be co-supervised by Drs. Greineder and Tessier and work on BBB shuttles. Outside of work, she is a member of the U-M crew team. Go BLUE!


Yunxuan Xie

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Another recent addition, Yunxuan will be co-supervised by Drs. Greineder and Tessier and work on BBB shuttles.


Lab Manager

Michaela Dodd

Michaela joined the lab in 2021 and keeps everything running smoothly. Outside the lab, Michaela enjoys taking amazing family trips and plays a mean violin.


Resident Physicians

Kelsey Grace

Chief Resident, EM4

Kelsey has worked on developing a registry of nearly 1,000 acute PE patients , as part of our effort to understand and change physician behavior around low-risk PE. Recently, she supervised our UROP students in examining physician practices re: acute PE in the pediatric population


Connor O'Hare

EM2 Resident

Connor has also worked on developing the acute PE registry. His current work is focused on implementing and studying the impact of a multi-component intervention to increase outpatient management of patients with low-risk VTE. He recently won the 2022 Residency Wolverine Den competition.


Undergraduate Students

Kaitlyn Pierpont

Biomedical Engineering

Kaitlyn joined the lab as a sophomore and has worked on a novel project targeting extracellular vesicles to the vascular endothelium. She is spending the summer as a research fellow at MSKCC.


UROP 2022

Our UROP students this year were sophomores Josh Goldberg, Erica Griffin, and Olivia Bichoupan. They created a registry of acute PE cases diagnosed over a 5-year period in the Mott Pediatric Emergency Department.

We are looking for a post-doctoral fellow to work on our multidisciplinary and collaborative project on GBM.

If you are interested in this position or in joining our team, please contact Dr. Greineder or click here.